[xpressive] OSL2-V2 test failures

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[xpressive] OSL2-V2 test failures

Vladimir Prus

in the current OSL2-V2 results, many of xpressive tests fail at runtime with
some dynamic linking error:


The error basically says that 3.4.4 binary links to runtime from another gcc
version. I have no idea why it shows up on one test, but I'd need your help
to solve this. Can you do this:

1. Given me the exact content of toolset files you use for V1 (not V2)

2. Give me the content of user-config.jam

3. Go to libs/xpressive/test, touch c_traits.cpp and then run the "c_traits"
test using -n option with both V1 and V2 and with both compiler version. I
think that the following commands should work

   bjam -n -sTOOLS=gcc-3.3.6-linux c_traits
   bjam -n -sTOOLS=gcc-3.4.4-linux c_traits
   bjam -n --v2 gcc-3.3.6 c_traits
   bjam -n --v2 gcc-3.4.4 c_traits

and send me the output.

Thanks in advance,

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