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unresolved program_options::arg

Matt P.

I am compiling a program which uses the program_options library, and I
am getting an unresolved symbol (boost::program_options::arg
class std::basic_string<char, struct std::traits<char>, class
std::allocator<char> > ). This is using the vc-7_1 toolset
(boost 1.33.1, bjam --v2).
I don't have such problem on Linux g++ 3.4.4

I see it in the value_semantic.cpp. If I play with setting
<boost/config/user.hpp : BOOST_ALL_DYN_LINK> I can get it to compile,
but it sends a warning 'inconsistent linkage', and later crashes on

I have compiled program_options with
--v2 -stoolset=vc-7_1 -slink=shared -sthreading=multi -svariant=debug,
and the same with my program. I've also added -sruntime-link=dynamic,
same problem.

Are there other options that need to be set before  compiling
program_options? Where is arg going to be defined if its external?
I know it's something I'm doing wrong, can someone please help.



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