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test running unstated requirements

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In setting up a tester, I’ve run into two unstated requirements (at least on Windows).


  1. the scripts aren’t hardened against spaces in path name elements
  2. the scripts don’t work with long base paths


It would be helpful if the http://www.boost.org/development/running_regression_tests.html page would add these as requirements.


  1. In terms of the stated space requirement of 5GB / compiler, I’m not sure where this is measured. In order to plan for a test system, it would be helpful to describe the prebuild footprint requirement also as if you start from zero, you don’t have any idea which bits are being considered in the 5GB mentioned. As a reference, when I invoke with the following


> python .\run.py --runner=Draeger_Andover --toolset=msvc-14.1 --tag=master


the resultant footprint (from the base directory) is 50.7GB.


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