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[safe_numerics] Review coming in March

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Hi Everyone,
This is to inform you ahead of time that the formal review of Robert
Ramey's Safe Numerics library will be held in about two weeks: March 2 -
March 11.

Boost Numerics is a set of drop-in replacements for the built-in integer
types, which make the guarantee that the results of operations are either
correct according to the rules of integer arithmetic or report a
diagnosable error (rather than offering modulo arithmetic results, or
resulting in undefined behavior, or returning incorrect results as in the
case of signed vs. unsigned comparisons).

The library can be found on GitHub:

Online docs:

Even before the formal review starts, you can provide your review on Boost
Library Incubator:
It will also be included in the final verdict.

I will be making the official announcement on March 2.

Andrzej Krzemienski, review manager.

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