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[review] Mp11 review starts in one week

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The formal review of Peter Dimov's Mp11 library is scheduled for
July 15 - July 24, 2017 [1].

Mp11 is a C++11 metaprogramming library for compile-time manipulation of
data structures that contain types. It’s based on template aliases and
variadic templates and implements the approach outlined in the article
"Simple C++ metaprogramming" [2] and its sequel [3]. These articles are
useful background information for the review.

   * Mp11 aims to make simple usage simple, and to support complex usage
     without complicating the simple use cases.

   * Mp11 works on any type-list, whether its own type-list mp_list,
     or standard type-lists such as std::tuple and std::variant, or
     user-defined type-lists.

   * Mp11 works with any meta-function, such as C++11 or Boost
     type-traits, or user-defined type-traits.

Mp11 can be found here:

   * Documentation: https://rawgit.com/pdimov/mp11/master/doc/html/mp11.html

   * Source code: https://github.com/pdimov/mp11/tree/master

[1] http://www.boost.org/community/review_schedule.html
[2] http://pdimov.com/cpp2/simple_cxx11_metaprogramming.html
[3] http://pdimov.com/cpp2/simple_cxx11_metaprogramming_2.html
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