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[review] [LEAF] LEAF Review Starts May 22

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The Boost formal review for LEAF (Lightweight Error Augmentation
Framework) will take place May 22, 2020 through May 31st.

LEAF is brought to us by Emil Dotchevski, the author of Boost.Exception.
Similar to Boost.Exception, this library allows arbitrary error objects
to be returned; however, unlike Boost.Exception it does not require
dynamic memory. The library can be used with or without exception handling.

Error handling is such an import part of every software system. LEAF
provides a unique solution to the problem.

The excellent documentation can be found here:

and includes a tutorial, examples, reference, design rationale, and
comparisons to other error handling approaches/libraries.

The source is available at github. The review branch will be used during
the review period.


The purpose of this announcement is to give people some time to start
looking at the documentation and source code for the library. Feel free
to begin asking questions. Most of all, get involved! Everybody has some
experience with handling errors. Tell the Boost community what you think
of LEAF.

Thank you for your participation!

Michael Caisse
Ciere Consulting
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