[release] Boost 1.76.0 beta 1 released

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[release] Boost 1.76.0 beta 1 released

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Boost release 1.76.0 beta 1 is now available at:


The SHA256 checksums are as follows:
39eecd9672e78b95c8e3fdec1430a63788d528a66d3c8799c4639238e5d785bd  boost_1_76_0_b1.7z
c32edd34f767dd4bb67b86f76ebf58cf76822a5993a9b434c028b2dd08cfeefc  boost_1_76_0_b1.zip
3ec1f92fa0a159b7073e39dd88f527a55d1f35e8986a3c560f202a75bdb8d584  boost_1_76_0_b1.tar.gz
eb098d6d5352e10b17a3c49d2927ed61f09b6544f7c534627de35dfa2560fe20  boost_1_76_0_b1.tar.bz2

For details of what's in the release, see <https://www.boost.org/users/history/version_1_76_0.html>.

Please download the beta, give it a try, and report any problems you encounter.


-- The Boost Release Team

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