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"lib" static lib prefix on Windows

Vladimir Prus


some time ago, in


you wrote this:

> > I have a few issues more as well:
> >
> > 1) The static libraries aren't getting prefixed with "lib": this is needed
> > to be able to give the static and dynamic libraries distinct names when
> > they  
> > both end in ".lib" under Windows.
> I have a patch for this bug. It is already on the list, but I need to
> make a diff against last CVS and resubmit it again. I'll get to it as
> soon as we finish with MSVC patch by Aleksey Pakhunov.

I've looked into archives, but could not find the patch, nor there any
indication it's ever committed.

If you still have it handy, maybe you can re-send it, or add the the tracker:


I think we eventually need to handle this issue, so don't want the patch to
fall though the cracks.


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