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[python][container] map_indexing_suite for flat_map

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I've tried to adapt

using myfm = boost::container::flat_map<const T*, V>;

with boost::python::map_indexing_suite

  class_< myfm, myfm*  >("myfm")
    .def( map_indexing_suite<myfm>{} )

I get a compile errors:

/usr/include/boost/python/detail/invoke.hpp:75:14: error: no match for call to ‘(const boost::python::detail::specify_a_return_value_policy_to_wrap_functions_returning<const T*>) (const T*)’
Caller = boost::python::detail::caller<const T* (*)(std::pair<const T*, V>&), default_call_policies ...>

I would suspect that there is some function that returns the key_type of the flat_map and takes a single argument of the value_type, but I can't find any.

If there's one, I would need pick a return value policy for it.


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