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[program_options] cmake issues

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Hey hey,
I get a cmake error about a non-existent directory from boost::program_options,
namely /include .
It only happens with the program_options library. Other libs included in the
project are date_time, filesystem and system.

A quick peak at
compared to the same file from date_time didn't give me any obvious hint
though. But I'm not very familiar with cmake.

The cmake line in my project to find these Boost packages is this:
find_package(Boost 1.58 REQUIRED COMPONENTS program_options filesystem
date_time system)

Here's the error message when running this with cmake:
Imported target "Boost::program_options" includes non-existent path
in its INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES.  Possible reasons include:

Can someone reproduce the issue or suggest a fix?

Best wishes and TIA,


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