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I am Suraj Nehra, a pre-final year student at the National Institute of
Technology (NIT), Warangal, India. This mail is to introduce myself to the
boost community. Boost.Real is not added to boost project ideas page yet
but I was discussing ideas with Vikram([hidden email]) and also made
several contributions to the library.

I wish to work on this library in this GSoC and will start drafting
the proposal. I received the competency task from Vikram and will start
working on those.  I was informed of the following potential ideas by him:
1. Library comparison and benchmarking with other similar libraries.
2. DAG internal representation
3. Propose and implement optimizations for trigonometric functions.

I wish to work on ideas 1 and 3. I will start making the proposal for these
ideas and share the draft with you.
It will be a pleasure to hear any suggestions and guidance from you.

Thanks & Regards
Suraj Nehra

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