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I am working with the VariantCalc calculator from the Spirit Applications Repository from here: http://boost-spirit.com/repository/applications/VariantCalc.zip

it fits all the requirements because it supports:
(1) the standard calculator functions
(2) relational and negate operators
(3) works with strings and booleans
(4) sets and gets memory variables.

Very well suited even though it uses the "classic" version of spirit.

My difficulty as a complete newbie:
I am trying to modify the get_var() and set_var methods, because I must get and set variable values from an
external, thread-safe source.

Both get_var() and set_var() need to be provided with a string variable name so it can be looked up and either retrieved
or set.

I have tried without success to simply print out the name of the variable in several possible places of the code, but I am just learning
spirit and cannot even figure that out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

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