multi_array operations.

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multi_array operations.

2 question:
Hi, i would like to know are there any easy way to do multi_array math operation on ones of same dimension and size..

#include <boost/multi_array.hpp>

template <class T, int N>
typename DimArray<T, N>::ndimarr array_minus(const typename DimArray<T, N>::ndimarr& A,
                                    const typename DimArray<T, N>::ndimarr& B)
    typename DimArray<T, N>::ndimarr temp(A);
    typedef typename DimArray<T, N>::size TDS;
    const TDS outer_sz(A.size());
    const TDS inner_sz(A[0].size());
    for (TDS i = 0; i < outer_sz; ++i)
        for (TDS j = 0; j < inner_sz; ++j)
            temp[i][j] -= B[i][j];
    return temp;

question 2: How do you find a index of an item where a specify condition is true.

given this...

template <class T>
   bool isSafe(const typename DimArray<T, 2>::ndimarr& MAX,
               const typename DimArray<T, 2>::ndimarr& Alloc,
               const typename DimArray<T, 2>::ndimarr& Need,
               const typename DimArray<T, 1>::ndimarr& Available)
    typename DimArray<T, 1>::ndimarr Work(Available);
    typename DimArray<bool, 1>::ndimarr Finish(boost::extents[Need[0].size()]);
    typedef typename DimArray<T, 2>::size TDS;
    const TDS outer_sz(MAX.size());
    const TDS inner_sz(MAX[0].size());
    for(TDS i = 0; i < inner_sz; ++i)
                 Finish[i] = false;

Is there a effective and safe way to find i such that Need[i] <= Work other than a loop.

Thanks for the help.

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