[locale] gettext functions: std::locale default argument not working

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[locale] gettext functions: std::locale default argument not working

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Hey hey,
it appears that the std::locale const &loc=std::locale() argument of the
gettext functions for direct message translation doesn't properly pick up the
program's global locale.

Assume that messages have been extracted and translated. Consider the code
snippet below:
boost::locale::generator gen;
std::locale loc = gen("de_DE");
// std::locale loc2; // will also work as argument to gettext
string s = boost::locale::gettext("Hello world"); // output "Hello world"
string t = boost::locale::gettext("Hello world",loc); // output "Hallo Welt"

I am on boost 1.69.0-2, Arch Linux package, gcc 8.2.1, libstdc++ 6.0.25 (taken
from the dynamic library filename), this is distributed with the GCC package.

I'd appreciate any hint to solve this, since it would mean a lot of code
editing otherwise.

Best wishes and thanks,


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