[lexical_cast] calling virtual function in constructor of `boost::detail::basic_pointerbuf`

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[lexical_cast] calling virtual function in constructor of `boost::detail::basic_pointerbuf`

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Hi everyone,
Following the recommendation, I am posting a note about the filed issue in
lexical_cast: https://svn.boost.org/trac10/ticket/13540#ticket

clang-tidy reports (while checking the code that uses boost::lexical_cast)
a virtual function is called in the default constructor of class template
boost::detail::basic_pointerbuf. (Function setbuf() is declared virtual in
base class.) This might be an indication of a bug. If not, I would
recommend using a different construct that avoids confusion, for instance
declaring the function override final in newer versions of C++, or
providing another function with different name but with the same semantics
as the overriding setbuf().

Here's the link to the offending call: ‚Äč

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