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installation and test librairies...

Alain Cormier
Hello group,

I am using VS6 on Windows2000 and soon .NET2005. So we are planning to migrate to boost 1.33.1 first with VS6 and then move all our applications to VS8 (including boost). So, I am in the process of writing an installation / migration procedure of boost for our "3rd party manager". In summary, I want to do :
1- build boost with the right toolset
2- build regression tool
3- run regression tests of boost
4- validate regression result with boost specification from <a href="" target="_blank" onclick="return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)">
5- integrate the newly compiled boost in our application
6- correct compilation error if any change where made in the public interface
7- run our application regression test
8- submit to our version control system

I am having hard time to do all this :) So :

1- I want to know your opinion about this. Does it seems like a good practice?
2- I am unable to build the regression tools with VS6. Is It normal? Am I missing something?
3- I am unable to find a boost 1.33.1 regression test. Only Head, 1.33.0 or before?
4- Does the result on my PC should be the same then the one posted on boost site? It seems like it might be different. By analysing <a href="" target="_blank" onclick="return top.js.OpenExtLink(window,event,this)"> I discovered that for the same toolset we can have different results (goncalo-vc8 and RudbekAssociates have different results for vc-8_0 toolset) It is normal?

Thank you for any feedback, help or comments.


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