index_pair_array and index_triple_array on gcc4.8, c++11

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index_pair_array and index_triple_array on gcc4.8, c++11

Nasos Iliopoulos

Hello all,

it seems the index_ pair and triple _array classes are giving trouble again with gcc 4.8 and c++11 mode enabled. The behavior is triggered for example by running the tests with:
b2  cxxflags="-std=c++11"

The problem emanates because of the new std::iter_swap implementation as suggested by the standard and contains calls of  swap( *a, *b).

Unfortunately the reference types in index_pair_array and index_triple_array are actually the respective value types themselves and this makes gcc not able to deduce the type, i.e. the swap operations excepts a reference but it finds a value. It seems that config.hpp contains partial specializations that could allow it to work but since this is not allowed by the standard (this was loosely active in compilers in the past?) it seems that it is not working anymore.

So I added some overloads that explicitly specialize the respective swap operations. The new code ( lines 1616 and 1801) can be seen here:
I think that a more permanent solution would be to re-implement the relative classes, but I think the changes suffice. Please let me know if there are any objections with the proposed solution.

Gunter: Could you provide with some insight of the certain swap behavior (i.e. why perform the assignment of the values upon destruction and not when swap is called?)


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