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Hello all,

I am new here...

I recently used icl and ran into a rather surprising behavior:

Assertion failed: (numeric_minimum<domain_type, domain_compare,
is_numeric<domain_type>::value> ::is_less_than_or(upper(object),
is_right_closed(object.bounds())) ), file
...\boost\icl\concept\interval.hpp, line 438

This is the code to produce the problem:

#include <boost/icl/discrete_interval.hpp>

int main()
   boost::icl::discrete_interval<size_t> x{0, 0};
   boost::icl::discrete_interval<size_t> y{0, 1};
   boost::icl::contains(x, y);

Note that the assertion fails only with size_t not with int. What could
be reason for this?

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