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Hello Boost Community,
I am Uddhav Mishra ,4th year undergraduate student pursuing Computer Science
from BITS Pilani (India).

The first project of ublas i.e Adding statistics and machine learning
algorithms seems pretty interesting and I would like to contribute to this
project as part of gsoc18.

I have experience in C++ through algorithmic programming on online judges
,self and course projects.
I have good understanding of templates and lambdas and have used them while
working on production level projects in my summer internship. I was also
selected for programming contest ICPC Regionals organized by ACM this year.

I have read the gsoc18 page by boost and have started implementing the
competency test and would get back to you  as soon as i complete it.

It would be really helpful if the mentors could suggest the things that we
applicants could focus on regarding competency test.

Thank you,
Uddhav Mishra
Github :

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