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My name is Rishija Mangla. I’m a mathematics graduate and pursuing my MCA (2nd year) from University of Delhi, India.
I want to contribute in enhancing Boost.Intrusive library and have implemented a mini library for the same ( as asked for competency test ). Library includes:
- Generic segment tree ( support range queries where operation is given by the user over any general class )
- Expression templates for lazy evaluation
- Written test programs to check the accuracy ( using Boost.test unit test framework )
- Test cases are generated randomly

Link to library implemented https://github.com/Rishija/boost_competency_test <https://github.com/Rishija/boost_competency_test>

I plan to implement more complex data structures that have been mentioned in the list. I have already implemented prefix tree, both dynamic and via filesystem ( will provide link to the project in case you want to have a look ). So I’ll be pretty comfortable in developing other similar data structures and algorithms for them.


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