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[gsoc15] Org application closes on Friday 20th

Niall Douglas
Three days remain until the GSoC org application closes on Friday
20th of April. As can be seen at
https://svn.boost.org/trac/boost/wiki/SoC2015, we have just SIX
project proposals and FIVE mentors who have publicly made themselves
available on the ideas list this year. This is significantly lower
than this time last year.

If you would like to attract students to work on your Boost library
in 2015, please consider adding a formal project idea to the list
above before Friday.

If you would like to mentor in some topic or field, please make
yourself known to us so we can add you to the list of available
mentors for 2015.
Oh, and don't forget to mention the fields you are interested in!

Niall and Boris

Boost C++ Libraries Google Summer of Code 2015 admin

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