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[exception] error: looser throw specifier

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On QNX 6.6.0 with GCC 4.7.3 and Dinkumware library in -std=gnu++0x mode, I
get the following error:
../libs/exception/test/throw_exception_test.cpp:21:1: error: looser throw
specifier for 'virtual exception2::~exception2()'
In file included from ../libs/exception/test/helper2.hpp:9:0,
                 from ../libs/exception/test/throw_exception_test.cpp:6:
../boost/exception/exception.hpp:303:5: error:   overriding 'virtual
boost::exception::~exception() throw ()'

libs/exception/test/throw_exception_test.cpp has these definitions:

struct exception1: std::exception {};
struct exception2: std::exception, boost::exception {};

There is no error for exception1. Is the bug in the Boost library, the test,
the compiler or the Dinkumware library? Other regression runners with GCC
4.7 don't get the error.

My regression test runner is NA-QNX660-x86 so you can see all details in the
result matrix.


Niklas Angare

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