[contract] Differential Sandia's regression tests for C++11, C++14, etc.

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[contract] Differential Sandia's regression tests for C++11, C++14, etc.

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Hello all,

On the regression test site:

How do I differentiate between the following?


They all have the same toolset name clang-gnu-4.0.1 but they have
different compiler options (C++11, C++14, original C++ standard). My
tests are expected to fail only on Sandia-clang-4.0 but not on the
first 2... I need different toolset names to selectively mark the
failure expected in expected-failure-markup.xml:

            <toolset name="WHAT_SHALL_I_PUT_HERE?"/>
            <note author="Lorenzo Caminiti">
                Most tests use C++11 lambda functions and variadic macros (even
                if technically the library itself does not require C++11).

Other toolset using ...~c++11, ...~c++1y prefixes for this, but Sandia does not.

Thanks a lot.

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