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[build] Pre-built libraries and targets

Edward Diener-3
In a jamfile I have:

lib user32 ;
lib gdi32 ;
exe test1 : main.cpp user32 gdi32 ;

According to the Boost Build documentation the 'lib' syntax above refers
to pre-built libraries, and not libraries I mean to build as a shared or
static library.

When I run b2 with a particular toolset, and use the --debug-building
option to see what targets are being built, I see results of:

Building target '../../../libs/test_local/build/user32'...


Building target '../../../libs/test_local/build/gdi32'...

Furthermore the build of the test1.exe does not add the user32 or gdi32
pre-built libraries to the linker command line.

Can anyone tell me why Boost Build is attempting to build a target for a
library which I specify as a pre-built library ?

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