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I use boost.test and have now updated to boost v1.68 on Windows, working in standard console. Now Test has colored output, YEAH. The result you see in the picture https://www2.pic-upload.de/img/36193998/no_error_detected.png
Notice that I don't use the standard color scheme.
With set BOOST_TEST_COLOR_OUTPUT=1 text is light green on gray, bad to read. set BOOST_TEST_COLOR_OUTPUT=0 does black on gray. After that the colors are set to my scheme.
Now error result with set BOOST_TEST_COLOR_OUTPUT=1: https://www2.pic-upload.de/img/36193997/failure.png
Light red on gray, OK to read, but reset to dark red on gray. I have to use the color command to reset the colors.
With command line options it's all the same.
Hmmm, how useful can colors be, if the standard output (no error detected) is only one short line?

Both pics on https://www.pic-upload.de/gal-1197957/om664y/1.html
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