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[boost] [review] Review of PolyCollection will start in a few days

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Dear Boost community,

The formal review of Joaquín M López Muñoz's PolyCollection library will start on Wednesday, May 3rd and ends on May 12th.

This library implements fast containers of polymorphic objects. Typically, polymorphic objects cannot be stored directly in regular containers and need be accessed through an indirection pointer, which introduces performance problems related to CPU caching and branch prediction. Boost.PolyCollection implements a novel data structure that is able to contiguously store polymorphic objects without such indirection, thus providing a value-semantics user interface and better performance. Three polymorphic collections are provided:

* boost::base_collection
* boost::function_collection
* boost::any_collection

dealing respectively with classic base/derived or OOP polymorphism, function wrapping in the spirit of std::function and so-called duck typing as implemented by Boost.TypeErasure.

If you are interested, you can start preparing your review with the following information:




and the documentation here:


See you on Wednesday!


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