boost python extensions & <dll-path> on HPUX/AIX ?

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boost python extensions & <dll-path> on HPUX/AIX ?

Avi Bahra
I have built boost python  extension. I have used the <dll-path>
to embed the path to boost python shared library.
This avoids users of my extension from having to set
LD_LIBRARY_PATH when using my extension

python-extension ecflow : [ glob src/*.cpp ]
    :   <dll-path>$(PYTHON_INSTALL_DIR)

In my Jamroot.jam:

install install-py
        : Pyext//ecflow
        : <install-dependencies>on

This all works like a charm on Linux:

However on HPUX, I find that embedded path, is always the development path
On AIX it seems to be ignored.

Does any one know if <dll-path> feature is known to work on HPUX/AIX ?

   Best regards,
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