boost ptr_map memory access violation (stack/heap problem)

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boost ptr_map memory access violation (stack/heap problem)

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Dear Boost-Experts!


I’m trying to use a ptr_map along with boost property trees. I need to store pointers to specific parts of a built up property tree to access these parts later on for easy insertion there.

However, when the ptr_map is cleared/destroyed, I get memory access violations/stack overflow messages for my test cases.


The ptr_map (typedef treeMap) is globally defined within a std::map to a ptr_map to property trees as follows (I know this isn’t good practice, but passing it as a reference didn’t make a difference, so I left it that way):

namespace pt = boost::property_tree;

typedef boost::ptr_map<std::string, pt::ptree> treeMap;

std::map<std::string, treeMap> parentTableTrees;


The property tree is defined as follows in this function (this builds a property tree from tabular data in the passed table variable “data” using definitions form table variable “control”):

std::string TreeizeRelD::writeTreeAndCreateXML(const std::vector<std::vector<std::string>>& control,

    const std::vector<std::vector<std::vector<std::string>>>& data, int *result)


    std::string resultString;


    pt::ptree &propTree = pt::ptree();

    std::string returnStr = TreeizeRelD::writeTree(control, data, propTree);

    *result = 0;

    if (returnStr != "") {

        *result = 1;

        return returnStr;


    returnStr = TreeizeRelD::createXML(propTree, resultString);

    if (returnStr != "") {

        *result = 1;

        return returnStr;


    // here the memory access violation occurs:


    return resultString;



In function writeTree the propTree (being passed by ref as ptTree) is populated in following three lines:


std::string TreeizeRelD::writeTree(const std::vector<std::vector<std::string>> &control,

                   const std::vector<std::vector<std::vector<std::string>>> &data,

                   pt::ptree & ptTree)

                // FIRST LINE

                parentTableTrees[subRootNode].insert(keyPair.first, &ptTree.add_child(subRootNode, keyPair.second));

      // iterate through all parent key record collections referred to by subtables parentNode (rootnode + optional subnode)

      for (treeMap::value_type && parentKeysPair : parentTableTrees.find(lookupNode)->second) {

           // iterate through all records (ptrees) in key collection

           for (pt::ptree::iterator parentRecPair = parentKeysPair.second->begin(); parentRecPair != parentKeysPair.second->end(); ++parentRecPair) {

                pt::ptree &parentRecPtree = parentRecPair->second;

                // SECOND LINE

                // parentRecPair is an iterator variable from the ptr_map:

                parentTableTrees[subRootNode].insert(rowsFK, &parentRecPair->second.get_child(subnodeFRec));

                // THIRD LINE

                // parentRecPtree is the referenced property tree itself:

                parentTableTrees[subRootNode].insert(rowsFK, &parentRecPtree.put_child(subnodeOfParent, foreignRecordset));


I already have the suspicion that the memory access violation comes from ptr_map taking ownership of the pointers (references) passed to it in the above three lines and that these are all created on the stack and not the heap, where ptr_map expects them to be.

When the ptr_map is finally destroyed, it tries to access memory, that’s impossible to access…


But I didn’t manage to successfully create heap objects that also do NOT copy the property tree objects, which is important as I only need references to the property trees.


Any help is appreciated.





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