boost::priority_queue const correctness problem, help needed

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boost::priority_queue const correctness problem, help needed

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Created a boost::priority_queue with my comparison operation defined. Here is how my priority_queue looks,

boost::heap::priority_queue<myObject*, boost::heap::compare<myObjectPtrCompare> > max_heap;

boost::heap::priority_queue<myObject*, boost::heap::compare<myObjectPtrCompare> > max_heap;

My comparison is defined as,

struct myObjectPtrCompare


    bool operator()(const myObject* lhs, const myObject* rhs) const


        return (lhs->getTime() < rhs->getTime());



I have used it as,

myObject* obj1 = static_cast<myObject*>(base1);

'base1' is an object of class 'myBase'(base class of myObject)

myObject and getTime() within it used for comparision are defined as,

class myObject : public myBase {

    Time getTime() const { return time; }



Compiling this gives me this error,

c:\Projects\pq_test.cpp(27): error C2662: 'void boost::heap::priority_queue<myObject*,boost::heap::compare<myObjectPtrCompare>,boost::parameter::void_,boost::parameter::void_,boost::parameter::void_>::push(myObject *const &)' : cannot convert 'this' pointer from 'const boost::heap::priority_queue<myObject *,boost::heap::compare<myObjectPtrCompare>,boost::parameter::void_,boost::parameter::void_,boost::parameter::void_>' to 'boost::heap::priority_queue<myObject *,boost::heap::compare<myObjectPtrCompare>,boost::parameter::void_,boost::parameter::void_,boost::parameter::void_> &'

1>          Conversion loses qualifiers

Using Visual Studio 2013 C++. I understand that I am doing something wrong with const correctness, but I am not able to figure out what is wrong. Any help is appreciated.


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