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bjam using boost-1.77

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I used to use a very old version of bjam and wanted to switch to the most recent version 1.77. When I use the new bjam, I encounter the following problems.

o I have 2 projects with the same id, the error message is

error: at nml/unit_test/Jamfile:1
error: Attempt to redeclare already registered project id '/test'.
error: Original project:
error:     Name: Jamfile</Users/cho/work/distmesh/unit_test>
error:     Module: Jamfile</Users/cho/work/distmesh/unit_test>
error:     Main id: /test
error:     File: distmesh/unit_test/Jamfile
error:     Location: distmesh/unit_test
error: New project:
error:     Module: Jamfile</Users/cho/work//nml/unit_test>
error:     File: nml/unit_test/Jamfile
error:     Location: nml/unit_test

After I changed the id in one project, the errors disappeared.

o I do bjam again, I have this error

/Users/cho//doc/boost/boost_1_73_0/tools/build/src/build/generators.jam:1127: in ensure-type from module generators
error: target { PNCDF_Variable.C. } has no type

Once I changed the C extension to cpp, the error disappeared.

I don't have these problems using the old bjam. Are there syntax changes in the Jamfile? Please help.


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