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Ares Lagae

I have developed a small library for binary I/O, called binary_iostreams,
and I am using it in several of my own projects. I was wondering if there
is interest for such a binary_iostreams library?

The binary_iostreams is a small library, very similar to the iostreams
library. Compared to iostreams, the unformatted I/O operators remain, and
the formatted I/O operators now do binary I/O. This makes the
binary_iostreams library easy to use for anyone acquainted with the
iostreams library. The binary_iostreams library allows to set the
endianness of the output stream. Together with <cstdint>, this allows for
portable binary I/O, although binary_iostreams does not claim to be a full
blown serialization library.

Direct link to a motivating example:

The library:

The documentation:

Best regards,

Ares Lagae
Computer Graphics Research Group, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

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