[beast] Post-review follow up (RE: chunk-encoding) NEEDS YOU!

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[beast] Post-review follow up (RE: chunk-encoding) NEEDS YOU!

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During the formal review for Beast, a valid point was raised that the
facilities for interacting with the chunks which make up a
chunk-encoded was insufficient for some use-cases. I added more
interfaces to addresses the use-cases but I never got feedback from
the stakeholders about the design.

It is now September 10th, and the "pencils down" deadline for making
changes to Beast ahead of the 1.66.0 scheduled release is October
25th. As I have not gotten any feedback, I am asking the community if
there is anyone out there who would like to review the new
chunk-encoding facilities. As of yet, no one in the wild has used
them. Or if they have, I did not hear of it.

This is the documentation for the chunking:




Any feedback is appreciated.


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