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[asio] UDP recv error handling

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When using boos asio async receiving, my received callback usually looks like this:


void ReceiveCB(const boost::system::error_code& error, std::size_t bytes_transferred)


                If (error) {

                               fprintf(stderr, “recv() failes: %s\n”, error.message().c_str());




                /* process data received */


                s.async_receive( boost::asio::buffer(…), & ReceiveCB);



I stop calling async_receive() as soon as I get an error. This works good for TCP sockets.


But with UDP sockets, recvfrom() can return e.g. the error ‘connection refused’ after I called sendto() to a peer machine, where no socket is (yet) bound to the destination port number. So, at least after the error ‘connection refuxed’, I’d better continue calling async_receive_from().


Are there any recommendations on how to decide, whether the receive callback function should re-initiate a receive operation after a receive error or not?



Mario Klebsch


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