Validating downloads on Windows

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Validating downloads on Windows

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I thought I had a corrupted download and wanted to relate my experience on
how to validate the zip file downloads on Windows.

The Boost archives (tar, zip, etc.) all have a matching small .json file
that contains a SHA256 hash of the archive file. Under Windows 10, you can
use certutil.exe from a command line to compute the hash for the archive
and compare it to the value in the .json file:

C:\Users\ken\Downloads>certutil -hashfile SHA256
SHA256 hash of
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.

(I thought my download was corrupted because I was using an ancient version
(5.50) of InfoZip's unzip program and it was reporting errors. I updated to
version 6 and it unpacked the same file just fine.)

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