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VMD library accepted

Steven Watanabe-4

The VMD library submitted by Edward Diener is ACCEPTED into Boost.

I apologize for the long delay for this announcement.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the formal review
* Nial Douglass
* Bjorn Reese
* Rodrigo Madera
* Zhou Zhenghui
* Matt Calabrese
* Paul Mensonides

  Reviews for the library were generally positive.
The library was considered to be a useful set of
tools for macro programmers.  Paul expressed concern
about the way the the library handles v-sequences and
v-identifiers.  After some discussion, Edward has
agreed that the interface could be significantly improved.

Work Items:
* Add examples and improved motivation in the documentation
* Update the v-identifier/v-sequence interface based
  on Paul's comments
* Fix inaccurate statements about Boost.Preprocessor per Paul

In Christ,
Steven Watanabe
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