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[V2] Multiple Jamfiles in a single directory

William R. Otte
Hi folks -

I am rather new to Jam and have a quick question that I have been  
unable to answer through documentation or searching:

I am currently attempting to prototype a plugin for a tool that  
generates tool-specific build configuration files from a high level  
project description.  This language may define several projects  
(targets, I believe, in Jam parlance) per directory, all or some of  
which may be grouped into a workspace.

To the point, in order to avoid having to make deep modifications to  
this tool, I was wondering if it is possible to have several Jamfiles  
(with different names of course) in the same directory? ie, (names  
need not be what I suggest)


I could then have a top level Jamfile in the directory that could  
selectively choose to build one or more Jamfiles present in the  


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