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Using boost from within source tree

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We use boost-build for our source tree and use boost from source in a
subdirectory.  I have "use-project /boost : misc/boostlibs ;" in my
Jamroot  file.

I've recently run into a problem where I get:

error: Tried to build the target twice, with property sets having
error: these incompatible properties:
error:     -  <deduced-address-model>64 <deduced-architecture>x86
<library>object(file-target)@5802 <warnings>all
error:     -  <library>object(file-target)@7500 <warnings>on

I see that "<deduced-address-model>64 <deduced-architecture>x86" come
from boostcpp.jam.  Should I be doing the same thing as boost's Jamroot
file (add "[ boostcpp.architecture ] [ boostcpp.address-model ]" to my
root project)  Or move the "use-project" for boost higher up in the file?



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