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Unknown toolset: gcc-stlport


We have a cross-platform solution using GNU g++ and VC7. Both sides use STLport.

The documentation says to bond Boost (1.33.1) with STLport with this

./configure --with-toolset=gcc-stlport

It emits:

### Unknown toolset: gcc-stlport
### Known toolsets are: acc, borland, cc, como, darwin, gcc, gcc-nocygwin, intel
-linux, intel-win32, kcc, kylix, metrowerks, mingw, mipspro, msvc, qcc, sunpro,
tru64cxx, vacpp, vc7, vmsdecc

with no -stlport anywhere.

When we try to wing it with just toolset=gcc, we get error messages.
Googling for these reveals others got them too when they did not use
the STLport toolset.

I have heard that STLport now has an option to bond to Boost. Is that
why Boost dropped an option to bond to STLport?

If so, why did the same version of Boost like --with-toolset=vc-7_1-stlport?

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