Trouble getting feedback on a program_option feature PR

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Trouble getting feedback on a program_option feature PR

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Hello Boosters,

Following a (much) earlier suggestion on this list, I've implemented one
of the features I'd like to see in program_option, and created Pull
Request for initial review/feedback on GitHub:

I've noticed, however, that there are 4 other unattended PRs, the
earliest being from 2016. Some of them have comments such as "Can you
please merge or decline?" urging a response. Also, there have been no
commits for the past 4 months.

I've also emailed Vladimir (Prus) last month - a short message, merely
to ensure he's noticed my PR, not to demand anything; but I've gotten no

Now, I don't want to sound accusatory - I'm sure there are perfectly
good reasons for the lack of responsiveness, and I'm very appreciate of
the work of writing the library and maintaining it over the years.
Still, given the situation I thought I'd bring this up here on the list.

What would you suggest I do?


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