Tagged layout discrepancies on CentOS in 1.66.0

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Tagged layout discrepancies on CentOS in 1.66.0

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The description of the "tagged" layout option for building Boost says
this:  "Names of boost binaries include the encoded build properties
such as variant and threading, but do not including compiler name and
version, or Boost version."

However, I noticed that when I build Boost 1.66.0 on CentOS with
"--layout=tagged", the address model does not get included in the
library names, and the shared library names end with ".so.1.66.0".  
According to the above, the address model should be included as with
"--layout=versioned", and the library names should end with ".so" (no

BTW, thank you for including the address model in the library names --
that is a big improvement!


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