[Spirit2] [patch] Proposed patch for lexertl regressions

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[Spirit2] [patch] Proposed patch for lexertl regressions

Christopher Currie
I was looking at the lexertl regressions on trunk, and it looks like
support/detail/lexer/state_machine.hpp didn't make enough friends when
it moved from being a plain struct to a template class. A proposed
patch follows which fixes these tests on my machine (Ubuntu 9.04



Index: home/support/detail/lexer/state_machine.hpp
--- home/support/detail/lexer/state_machine.hpp (revision 52163)
+++ home/support/detail/lexer/state_machine.hpp (working copy)
@@ -17,6 +17,11 @@

 namespace boost
+namespace spirit { namespace lex {
+template <typename Iterator> class basic_iterator_tokeniser;
+} }
 namespace lexer
 template<typename CharT>
@@ -438,6 +443,9 @@
     template<typename ChT, class Archive>
     friend void serialise (basic_state_machine &sm_, Archive &ar_,
         unsigned int version_);
+    template<typename Iterator>
+    friend class boost::spirit::lex::basic_iterator_tokeniser;

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