Serialization and std::move

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Serialization and std::move

Brian Wood-7

I'm doing some research.  I grep'ed through the 1.43 version of the
libs/serialization directories for uses of std::move and didn't find any.
I also looked at the "To Do" section of the documentation and didn't
find any mention of move semantics.  Does Boost Serialization take
advantage of std::move to improve the performance of it's load
operations?  Something like the following:

  template <typename B>
  Receive(B* buf, vector<deque<string> >& abt1)
    uint32_t headCount[2];
    abt1.reserve(abt1.size() + headCount[0]);
    while (headCount[0] > 0) {
      deque<lil_string> rep4;
      while (headCount[1] > 0) {
        string rep5;
        stringReceive(buf. rep5);

Thanks in advance.

Brian Wood
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