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SV: Newbie: Need help designing simple rule

Daniel Lidström
Carl Barron scribbled:

>   after reading this again your code might work if the skipper in your
> parse function call is blank_p instead of space_p. Space_p
> eats the end
> of
> line indicator ['\n'].   If you have a file of these lines
> I'd read the
> file line by line
> using std::getline() [the free function in <string> ] to read
> each line
> one at a time,
> The parse the line producing the results in a vector<double>.
> To do this
> easily I recommend using a struct derived from grammar<...>.
> This struct
> can use a reference to the actual vector used. then if the
> parse parses
> the
> whole line you can process your data from this vector.  Also spirit
> provides some common semantic functors one of which is push_back_a
> which will push the result into an STL container supporting push_back.
> the following grammar uses repeat_p to loop according to the above
> statement of the problem:

Thank you for your help Carl! Your comments are really helpful.


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