Runtime errors after trying to use debug Python build with Boost.Python

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Runtime errors after trying to use debug Python build with Boost.Python

Adam Preble
I am trying to use Python with debug symbols so I can peak into it when I get runtime errors related to Boost.Python wrappers.  I can't seem to get this to work.  I think this is more a building thing than anything else so I figure I'd share what I've done:

1. Acquire the source for Stackless Python 2.6.5.  Mind you, this release has been working for me standalone.
2. Build Stackless Python, or at least the "relevant parts." I don't have all the dependencies and according to the instructions, I should find what I need within in the python and pythoncore projects.  I'm building on Windows, using the PcBuild project.
3. Copy over python.exe, python26.lib, and the python_d.dll to my Python26 directory.  The build generates everything as python_d.exe, python26_d.lib, and all that.  I have them all named instead as just python.exe, and python26.exe; I keep python_d.dll since it seems to look for that specifically at runtime.
4. I rebuild Boost.Python.  I make sure to specifically overwrite:


5. I rebuild my project, and launch it.

Along inside Py_Initialize I hit an assert:
Assertion failed: (op->_ob_prev == NULL) == (op->_ob_next == NULL), file ..\Objects\object.c, line 65

I figure the assert doesn't mean anything to anybody, so I hoped instead you could see my procedure and point out where I botched something.  FWIW, the debug python.exe otherwise seems to be working fine by itself.  I can start it up and run some Python scripts through it.

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