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[Review:Contract] Boost.Contract Library is Accepted

Dave Abrahams

Lorenzo Caminiti's Boost.Contract Library is hereby accepted into Boost.

I will be brief but that should in no way be construed as a lack of
enthusiasm.  Reviewing the review commentary was a genuine pleasure.
Anyone interested in this domain could learn a lot by going through the
threads the way I did.

There were five "yes" votes, one of which was very late (but I'm
counting it), and one of which was conditional, and one "no" vote.  I am
accepting the library unconditionally because of Lorenzo's demonstrated
responsiveness to issues.  He gave thoughtful responses to the review
comments and entered every issue raised that remained open into a bug
database (http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/contractpp/report/3).

Congratulations, Lorenzo!

Dave Abrahams
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