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Emerson Clarke
I have recently released a new C++ framework by the name of Reason
under the GPL.  It provides a well rounded platform agnostic
alternative to both Boost and STL, but also contains many
complimentary features.

It is written using a metaphor more akin to Java or .NET but still has
a very powerful and portable library of generic collections such as
List<>, Array<>, Map<>, Set<>, Hashmap<>, and Hashset<>.

Naturally it also has Iterator<>'s and all the other features you
would expect.  On the whole Reason is probably a little more
consistent than Boost/STL and focuses on usability and readability
above genrics.  One of its key design goals is the principle of least

You will find classes for networking (including client and server
implementations of common protocols like http), threading, streams,
strings, filesystem & io, compression, encryption, dates & times,
regular expressions, sql, xml, xpath, logging & configuration, and
high resolution timers.

It compiles under gcc and vc with a simple makefile/project and is
very compact and self contained having only a few dependencies.

For downloads visit

And some simple examples


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