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Re: [boost] Monotone phasing out use of bits of boost due to havingto build external libraries

Jake Voytko
There is a small, yet active community of individuals working on the Improving Boost Docs project:

I'm forwarding your concern to the boost docs mailing list so that it is brought to the group's collective attention, as I feel that from the user's standpoint it is a valid concern.

If you have any input on the state of Boost Docs, feel free to send a message to the boost-docs mailing list with your suggestions :)


On 7/14/07, Robert Ramey <[hidden email]> wrote:
That's they way I do it now.

I do use bjam from running the whole test suite overnight.

But for making library tweaks and running particular tests and building the
serialization library for experiments etc, I do every thing from Visual

If its too hard to just import the sources into your project then there is a
problem.  If there is a lot of "hidden" information in bjam and/or bjam
files that is needed to do this then that could be a problem.

I should not that it WAS a pain getting all the IDE settings just right -
but like my recent toothache - its all better now.

I would feel better about bjam if it more like the rest of boost as far as
being subjected to the normal boost gauntlet.  That is I would like to see
look like a libray, with self-contained complete documentaion, tutorial,
samples, tests, formal review, etc., etc.  I would like to see it promoted
on its own rather than just a "boost tool".  I think this would  result in a
higher level of usability and stability.  Of course this would be a large
effort that perhaps is too much to undertake.

BTW - The same goes for quickbooks.  It looks very nice.  But I'm a little
bit concerned that its being developped at the same time time its being used
to produce boost documentation.  I'm concerned that if I make a commitment
to it, I'll be left standing on an iceberg.  Seems solid but is really
constantly shifting requiring constant attention.

Just one man's 2 cents.

Robert Ramey

Sohail Somani wrote:

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> Subject: Re: [boost] Monotone phasing out use of bits of boost due to
> having to build external libraries
> I'm un-dropping off the grid to mention that the Boost mandatory
> source
> files should be able to be directly incorporated into a user's build
> system.  It's been possible in the past.  Maybe we should suggest to
> Monotone to try that first.
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> I second that. I do the same thing. Its just a matter of looking at
> the jamfiles for each library and setting defines/flags
> appropriately. _______________________________________________
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