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Hi Scott,

I appreciate the email. Things are going great here, and I'm really happy with Google.

Anyway, even if I wanted to change jobs I wouldn't consider Facebook until it opens an office on the Eastside - commuting into Seattle is just too uncomfortable, so I'm not considering any company there


From: Scott Shay <[hidden email]>
Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2017 10:03:15 AM
To: Yuriy Zubritsky; [hidden email]
Subject: Hello Again From Facebook Engineering

Hi Yuriy,

Sending a note to say hello again from Facebook!  My great teammate, Camila, mentioned that I should reach out and see how things at Google have been going for you?

Have you had some time to consider what's next in your career?
I understand if this is not the right timing, kindly let me know how we can best keep in touch for when it makes more sense.

Thanks a lot and I look forward to hearing back from you.
P.S. in case you're curious, here's a resource that highlights some of the technical problems we tackle.

Scott Shay
Engineering Sourcer | Recruiting
M: (650) 785-6142


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