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Eric Niebler
dan marsden wrote:

>> The definition of Fusion polymorphic function object will be changed shortly to be consistent with boost.resultof. Instead of requiring a nested result metafunction of the form:
>> template<typename T0, typename T1, ... typename TN>
>> struct result
>> {
>>    typedef xxx type;
>> };
>> A polymorphic function object will instead simply be required to suppport
>> boost::result_of<F(A,B,...Z)>::type
>> as a valid expression.
>> This will break some Fusion client code, specifically, if you are using
>> fold, accumulate, transform, or a lot of the components in the functional section
>> of the library, you may need to make changes to support this change.
>> The change should be entered into CVS head over the forthcoming weekend.
> The above change has now been applied. Docs upgrades will follow in the next few days.

I've made the necessary changes to Proto on HEAD. Thanks, Dan.

Eric Niebler
Boost Consulting

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