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Re: Function 'equals' in matrix_assign.hpp

Shangtong Zhang
Hi Nasos,

I send a pull request, please review it.

Shangtong Zhang,
Senior Student,
School of Computer Science,
Fudan University, PRC.

It is not by design, it is just that originally it was developed with 
floating point arithmetic in mind. Please change it to <= in the branch 
and we will propagate it. Make a separate commit just for this so we 
keep track of the change in case something goes bad. Also run all the 
tests before submitting a pull request. If you don't plan to sumbit a 
pull request please create a new issue so that we deal with it. 


On 03/04/2016 12:46 AM, Shangtong Zhang wrote: 
> Hello, 

> I’m trying to contribute to toeplitz matrix, here is my prototype 

> However I have a problem. 
> When I execute code 
> matrix<int> m_new(m) 
> where m is a toeplitz matrix, it will raise exception. 
> When matrix_assign is executed, it calls ‘equals' in matrix_assign.hpp line 
> 32 
> However the parameter epsilon is 0, norm_inf (e1 - e2 ) < 0 will never 
> succeed. 
> So it will return false and raise exception. 
> Same things happen even m is a banded matrix. 
> Why is it ‘<' rather than '<= '? Is it by design? 

> Thanks, 

> Shangtong Zhang, 
> Senior Student, 
> School of Computer Science, 
> Fudan University, PRC. 

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